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Oilpalm Management Program

  OMP-MIS: site-specific management in oil palm

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Software details

OMP stands for 'Oil palm Management Program'. It is a suite of powerful decision support and management information tools specifically designed to support site-specific oil palm estate management under the premises of best management practise (BMP) and long term economically and ecologically sustainable production.

Why should your company use OMP?

Power: The quick answer is that your whole reputation as an oil palm producer as well as your actual profit and loss profile is directly depending on your actual field activities and the power of your field control tools.

Expertise: OMP has a proven record of working installations and is frequently considered to be the 'industry leading' information system for site-specific agronomy based field management in oil palm estates. The software is developed and maintained by experienced experts, scientists and planters with a high and long-standing reputation in the oil palm world. We know and care about the details.

Costs and profits: OMP comes with a fair price tag and a proven quick return on your investment (RoI). We know that implementation costs for OMP are only a fraction compared to the development costs of similar modules within a specific custom made 'integrated' information system. OMP is also much more cost efficient than solutions developed by in-house IT teams. Using OMP to implement field improvements in critical areas can quickly improve your profits.

System integration: OMP is designed with an open data interface and can be linked directly with your other existing information systems and data sources. For instance, harvesting data may be imported from the payroll module of an existing acounting program, climate data can be imported from automatic weather stations, leaf and soil analysis results from lab reports.

OMP supports as well the export of all of its data in all standard database formats. This option is useful for scientists and technical service sections who want to use OMP data in statistical software packages like SPSS or MathStats for extended long term data analysis and specific surveys.

Quality and Sustainability: OMP keeps historic records of your field conditions, activities, inputs, impacts and performance results. This information is substantial for your ISO 9000 and 14000 data recording requirements.


Other Information

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OMP in a nutshell

It provides estate managers with information to make sound decisions and to drive productivity and profitability improvements within a sustainable production set up.

It provides sharp facts and data to agronomists to analyze problem areas, management methods, field practice impacts, and to recommend viable solutions to managers.

It gives a comprehensive and easy to use overall view and data access to top managers who need to supervise several estates.

It provides a viable, uniform, historic and well structured shared source of consistent information to all data users.



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